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Loss Prevention Research Council Weekly Series – Episode 147

Top 10 Grocery Chains in USA in 2023

Let me start this week with a summary from RIS News on what are the top 5 USA grocery chains in 2023.

  1. Walmart – Walmart claimed the No.1 spot overall within our main Top 100 Retailers list with a 16.98% retail share of the market, equating to $611 billion in sales. It also comes in at the top spot of the grocery segment.
  2. Amazon – Amazon ranked second on our overall list as well as the grocery ranking. The company makes up a 14.28% share of the retail market, totaling nearly $514 billion in sales. This is a significant bump compared to last year, resulting in an almost $45 million difference in sales from when the company claimed 10.40% of the market in 2022.
  3. Costco – Costco ranked No. 4 in the overall retail ranking and third in grocery. It owns 6.51% of the market, totaling $234 billion in sales. This is up slightly from last year’s $210 billion in sales.
  4. Kroger – Kroger ranked No. 6 in the overall list, but made it to the Top 5 of the grocery ranking. The company has managed several significant enterprise-wide investments over the past year, including a heavy workforce wellbeing liftand a middle-mile transportation overhaul, celebrating $148 billion in sales and a 4.12% share of the market.
  5. Target – Target ranked No. 8 in the overall retail ranking, but just cracked the Top 5 of the grocery lists. Making up 3.03% of the retail market, totaling $109 billion in sales, the company has made several strides over the past year. For example, it recently launched nationwide drive-up returnsand is planning for several enterprise-wide upgrades.

Giant Crackdown Aldi rival takes new measures to tackle soaring self-checkout theft – but it will impact how you shop.

Switching topics, the USA retailer Giant supermarkets announced changes that are directly related to rising theft according to an article in the US Sun.

Giant is now limiting self-checkout kiosks to 20 items per customer. In addition, Giant stores now close at 10pm. Both new rules are in response to an increase in shoplifting and crime. At one location they are also adding security guards.

A note from the president of Giant Foods in one of the stores states.

“Due to a significant increase in crime and theft that we and many other retailers are experiencing across our market area, we have made several changes to our operating procedures to mitigate the impact of theft to our business. We know that these changes may cause some inconvenience or be disruptive to the experience you are used to. I assure you we are making these changes out of necessity to prioritize the safety of our associates and customers.”

Interesting moves by Giant Foods in combatting rising retail crime.

These are the jobs likely to be lost and created by because of AI

Switching topics again, moving on to the World Economic Forum which reports the top jobs that will be lost and those that will be gained because of AI.

Around 40% of all working hours could be impacted by AI large language models such as ChatGPT-4 according to a report from Accenture.

Many clerical or secretarial roles are seen as likely to decline quickly because of AI according to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2023.

The top 10 fastest declined jobs are:

  1. Bank tellers and related clerks
  2. Postal service clerks
  3. Cashiers and ticket clerks
  4. Data entry clerks
  5. Administrative and executive secretaries
  6. Material recording and stock keeping clerks
  7. Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks
  8. Legislators and officials
  9. Statistical, finance and insurance clerks
  10. Door to door sales workers, news and street vendors and related workers.

The top 10 job that will gain are:

  1. AI and machine learning specialists
  2. Sustainability specialists
  3. Business intelligence analysts
  4. Information security analysts
  5. Fintech engineers
  6. Data analysts and scientists
  7. Robotics engineers
  8. Electrotechnology engineers
  9. Agriculture equipment operators
  10. Digital transformation specialists

Artificial intelligence is expected to be adopted by nearly 75% of surveyed companies and to lead to high churn – with 50% of organizations believing it will result in job growth and 25% thinking it will create job losses, the Future of Jobs Report says.